After unveiling its collaborative project with D-CAVE in 2022, Bulova is finally ready to ship out its digital watch. The new Computron is a modern revamp of the brand’s original model which came out in 1976. Initially available in gold and chrome tones, a black version followed several years after. This latest outing retains the blackout theme but adds a splash of color.

As indicated earlier, this is a partnership with Bulova and D-CAVE. In addition to the standard variant, there was the Computron Special Edition. It boasts a total cosmetic makeover that exposes the internal components via a mineral glass cover. Even the case band features acid etching to add a custom texture to the timepiece.

According to the press materials back then, buyers of the exclusive units are also getting a digital version of the watch. They can then equip their Decentraland avatars with the Computron Special Edition. Meanwhile, the examples on sale right now are purely in physical form.

This means you can wear this stylish wrist accessory anytime. Unlike your typical digital LED watch, the Computron eschews typical form factors. Instead, the case is geometric in shape – almost like a roughly cut gemstone. Crafting it from stainless steel with a coat of black, it is an understated look that easily pairs with any outfit.

Bulova also drops the red LED display in favor of a green one, which adds to its futuristic theme (think Matrix). Protecting the display is a mineral crystal for reliable impact and shatter resistance. The only tonal deviations from the otherwise all-black theme are the stainless steel case back and green trims on the silicone rubber strap.

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Images courtesy of Bulova