If you name something “Bullet,” it either implies deadliness or speed. We think Dynaship Yacht Design aims for the latter with a 200-foot vessel it calls such. Ships of its size can typically cruise at a leisurely pace which allows it to optimize range. However, this concept will surprise those who eventually commission it.

The outline design of its sleek exterior affirms what the group has in mind. Penned by Franco Gnessi, this monohull features a body that should effectively minimize air resistance. Couple it with a sharp bow and clean lines which flow seamlessly toward the aft and it’s a recipe for swiftness on the water.

It’s obvious Dynaship Yacht Design is drawing influences from the automotive industry. Think of it as an exotic hypercar that allows you to navigate the seas instead of the streets or tracks. Instead of obstruction-free views from the outside, the Bullet opts for sections that enclose these areas.

Their approach allows the megayacht to cut drag both above and below the water. Gnessi makes up for the obstructions via cutouts with glazing to bask the spaces within with natural lighting. Most of these are tinted to minimize UV exposure and for overall comfort as well.

Shots of the interior are unavailable, but we know the Bullet will showcase elegance and extravagance across its 975 GT volumes. The stern of the vessel shows a swim platform with stairs that lead to a lounge with a jacuzzi. The foredeck likewise boasts amenities for socializing and entertainment.

The Bullet is outfitted with four 2,000 electro-diesel generators and solar panels to handle its hotel load and propulsion. It can hit a top cruising speed of 26 knots and can reach a range of 3,000 nautical miles.

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Images courtesy of Dynaship Yacht Design