We love how cufflinks can add some fun to a sophisticated look, or offer some individualism when you are out and about in your business threads. And for the most masculine of men out there, the Bullet Cufflinks ($TBA) pictured should be the perfect match for you. These are the real deal too, well okay, they are not actually bullets, but they are bullet casings that have come from fired guns.

Designed by Michael “Artie” Keinard, the cufflinks have been cleaned and polished, giving them a real elegance from afar, and character up close.,cool,gear,tech,mens,gadgets,grooming,style,gizmos,gifts,gift,ideas,travel,alexa,entertainment,google,auto,cars,rides,watches,babes,blog,awesome,,cool,gear,tech,mens,gadgets,grooming,style,gizmos,gifts,gift,ideas,travel,alexa,entertainment,google,auto,cars,rides,watches,babes,blog,awesome,