The Bullet Ant 2.0 Multitool Pen pushes the boundaries of tactical multitool pens. Built from the resounding success of the original, this upgraded version is designed with enhanced suitability for outdoor and tactical applications.

This new iteration retains the much-loved bit driver and bidirectional bolt-action design of the original. But it now comes with a tactical tungsten steel striking head for great utility during emergency situations. It’s sharp and strong enough to break through glass during survival or rescue missions. The carbide attack head also serves as a great self-defense tool.  

The Bullet Ant 2.0 Multitool Pen also features the everlasting pen which uses Eterna refill. The ink does not smudge, is adaptable to various writing surfaces, and remarkably waterproof so it still writes even when used under water. These two additions come in a versatile nib that can be used at either end. Simply twist to switch between a pen on one end and the window breaker on the other.

Another upgrade is the size, with the new version made even more compact than its predecessor’s 136mm at 110mm. It now comes in a refined design with reduced overall dimensions, making it sleek and lightweight and easy to attach to a notebook, pocket, or backpack via a pure titanium pocket clip.

Moreover, the premium GR5 titanium construction comes in a refined sandblasted finish for a more sophisticated and outdoorsy silhouette. It also comes in an anti-skip design with the thread pattern at the tip offering optimal grip in either dry, icy, wet, or oily conditions. The Bullet Ant 2.0 Multitool Pen retained the screwdriver functionality found in the original, including the pen cap that neatly hides storage for two bits. It also retained the bolt-action mechanism that doubles as a fidget toy. 

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Images courtesy of MeTool