As we mentioned before, it is only a matter of time before all carmakers have EVs in their catalogs. If the latest developments this early in 2022 are to go by, it’s happening sooner than you think. To our surprise, the most recent marque to chime in is none other than Bugatti. However, what it unveiled was an e-scooter instead of a vehicle.

Although it sounds ridiculous, the high-performance luxury manufacturer is not the first to do so. Renowned names in the automotive industry such as BMW and Audi also have sustainable solutions like it. Still, the fact that it’s from a company behind the powerful Bugatti CHIRON is totally unexpected.

This is no solo project as the French firm partners with Bytech International – an e-scooter outfit from New York. The technology and development are supposedly from the latter, but the presentation is distinctly Bugatti. Even the colorways we see in the images remind us of their hypercars. 

We’re not certain if it will arrive in more chromatic choices, but the bright blue and silver already look great. There are three speed settings. Economy (9 mph), City (12.5 mph), And Sport (18.5 mph). Powering its electric motor is a 36V 10 Ah battery that you can recharge while it’s on or off the e-scooter. It takes roughly four hours to fully charge and should last up 22 miles before it runs empty.

Bytech International is crafting the frame out of magnesium alloy. The stem folds down to make it easier to carry. The set of 9-inch run-flat tires keeps your ride smooth. Moreover, the Bugatti stand-up e-scooter features dual turn signals, illuminated base lights, E-ABS anti-lock brakes, and special light just below the rear mudguard that projects the “EB” logo on the ground.

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Images courtesy of Bugatti/Bytech International