As the festivities are winding down at the 2019 Monterey Car Week, big announcements are popping up like crazy. Take for instance the debut of the Acura Type S Concept celebrates the model’s return after a decade. Moreover, Rolls-Royce is making a heartfelt gesture with the Ghost Zenith Collection to mark the end of the lineup. These are the things that keep us on our toes during this time of year. Another big name manufacturer makes a splash with the reveal of the Bugatti Centodieci and it will knock your socks off.

The brand is already a global icon that’s synonymous with extreme performance. The Centodieci, as the name implies, is 110 in Italian. We believe that it’s a great choice knowing that Bugatti is marking its 110th anniversary this year. According to the French automaker, it will be a limited edition release with only 10 examples in the works.

Furthermore, this coupe is a thrilling tribute to the iconic EB110 that debuted in 1991. We’re thinking that the luxury marque is crafting the Centodieci to show us what the EB110 looks like if it was a new model.

The Bugatti Centodieci is clearly another insane machine with 1,600 horsepower at its disposal. This originates from the 8.0-liter W16 engine that likewise allows it to hit a top speed of 236 miles per hour. This is electronically limited, so this means that it is capable of more than that. Meanwhile, testing shows that it can accelerate from 0-62 mph in just 2.4 seconds and reach 186 mph in a little over 13 seconds.

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Images courtesy of Bugatti