Poking fun at the traditional Maneki-Neko good luck charm, somebody is now crafting ones embodying the joys of muscle building. The Japanese claim that the beckoning cat – which you can spot in most Chinese or Japanese retail establishments and restaurants – attract customers. Much like how people love videos of feline shenanigans, this particular figurine would make any gym rat proud.

However, what makes it a fun alternative to the regular Maneki-Neko statues is the muscular right arm. Put it somewhere potential customers can quickly spot this novelty version of an auspicious charm and they’re likely to come in. Those who don’t are probably going to take photos or video of it and post it online (free advertising).

Folks are going to ask how this kitty got so jacked. This is what happens when you skip leg day and perhaps every other workout except for the right arm. Aside from just showing off its massive appendage, it’s also sporting a pair of round sunglasses and looking cool while at it.

The manufacturer is offering this fun and unique Maneki-Neko in two sizes: 9.1 inches (small) and 12.6 inches (large). It is crafted out of resin and is available in gold or white. We think the shiny version looks more bonkers and will likely draw more attention than the other.

A perfect place to have this buff-arm Maneki-Neko on display would be in a gym. It will hopefully inspire members to never skip their reps if they want guns like mister pussycat here. Our only gripe so far would be the missed opportunity to integrate a moving mechanism for the arm. Instead of beckoning, it will be flexing that python to put your average Maneki-Neko to shame.

Get it now – $69.99

Images courtesy of HHQZ