Cast iron skillets are kitchen must-haves if you’re a chef or avid cook. But traditional ones come with a heavy (literally) downside. They tire your arms out and most often stay very hot to the touch. Well, not the Buccaneer Skillet that is twice lighter and boasts a cool handle no matter the heat you’re cooking up.

Crowd Cookware is back with another amazing kitchen product that guarantees to make your cooking experience fun and less bone-weary. Their latest cookware innovation is a pan for everyday use. It’s a rock-solid cast iron that promises “all gain, no pain.”

The Buccaneer Skillet weighs is 50% lighter than traditional cast iron and this is all thanks to the pressed casting innovation technique. It is produced through pressed casting that allows more pressure than conventional sand casting. The result: thinner walls and at half the weight without sacrificing quality and performance.

Best of all, its full cast stainless steel handle stays surprisingly cool to the touch and designed for the best ergonomic grip. It makes potholders useless and burns a thing of the past.

Moreover, the Buccaneer Skillet ensures even heat distribution and comfortable cooking using a nonstick honeycomb pattern. It even works on various heat sources so you don’t have to transfer from one pan or skillet to another. It works on an induction cooker, oven, ceramic, and electric source. This way frying, baking, or sautéing are done with ease and with less mess: a simple wipe with a kitchen towel or napkin is all it takes to clean the surface. This skillet is even dishwasher and BBQ proof so there’s really nothing it cannot do.

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Images courtesy of Crowd Cookware