You can think of the BruMate BackTap as a cooler or a beer keg made for the outdoor enthusiast. Aside from your favorite spirits, it can hold practically any beverage and keep it fresh-tasting for hours.

That’s because of its stainless steel, insulated interior that ensures drinks stay ice-cold and fresh without harboring bacteria. The interior is even removable and washable so you can keep it clean. Meanwhile, its rotomolded plastic exterior guarantees durability so it can withstand any adventure.

The BruMate BackTap is named as such because it has a tap to make it convenient to get your drinks on the go. You don’t have to keep on opening and closing the lid when the need for refreshment knocks. You can easily dispense on the go and can rest assured that drinks do not spill no matter your movements. That’s because it employs a leak-proof seat-lid so you don’t waste even a single drop.

And whether you’re off to the beach, camping, hiking, to a backyard or beach party, this is one camping gear you’d want to have. It gives you three ways of carrying: handle and shoulder and backstrap straps for hands-free carry. It’s not even that bulky at 14 3/4 inches in height with a measurement of 13 1/2 inches wide (handle side) and 13 inches wide from latch to back.

In perspective, the BruMate BackTap can hold 14 claws or any slim cans and 12 cans of beer or soda. It can store five bottles of wine or 15 when poured directly inside. You can even pack three gallons of margaritas on the go.

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Images courtesy of Brumate