The sheer number of established brands in the motorcycle scene often eclipse major releases from smaller startups. Nevertheless, there are times when these machines manage to generate enough buzz for people to start noticing. We urge our readers to check out the Crossfire 125 from Brixton as it touts a sporty profile you’ll grow to love.

At first, we thought this was an all-electric moto due to the geometric outlines on the fuel tank and belly pan. However, upon closer inspection, we realize there’s actually a single 124.8 cc liquid-cooled engine within the tubular frame below. The Austrian manufacturer notes the powertrain produces 13.4 horsepower with 7.7 lb-ft of torque.

Brixton then mates this to a six-speed manual gearbox. These numbers make the Crossfire 125 a perfect platform for leisurely weekend excursions or for your daily commute. The 18-inch wire-spoke wheels look good shod in either slick street or chunkier off-road tires.

Therefore, expect it to perform just as reliably when your trip takes you across the trails. Just don’t forget to keep track of what type of rubber is on before you head out. Also, gear up appropriately for whatever adventure you have planned out. The Crossfire 125 is a versatile steed that will meet your needs.

Experience a smooth ride via upside-down forks with shocks and a mono-shock system for the swingarm. The saddle can comfortably seat up to two as you adopt a relaxed riding position on the Crossfire 125. LED lighting and a digital instrument display are welcome modern touches. Brixton offers the bike in Bullet Silver and Charly Brown Matt colorways. Pricing and launch dates are yet to be revealed.

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Crossfire 125 headlights Crossfire 125 rear shot

Images courtesy of Brixton