Perhaps in a bid to appeal to more discerning clients, many automakers are collaborating with brands that don’t have anything to do with anything automotive. The practice might seem odd at first, but when you get something like the Paul Smith MINI Strip it all makes sense. This is a cool project between two brands promoting a greener future.

Instead of just reworking the MINI Strip for an electric powertrain, Smith is trying something different for this build. They’re starting off with a Cooper SE and taking it all apart. As strange as that sounds, it’s actually living up to the namesake here. This process even goes as far as the paint job.

This leave leaves us with an exterior that’s bare metal with only a thin transparent coat to protect it from the elements. Smith is going for an absolute minimalist aesthetic and the MINI is more than happy to oblige. With all components off, the next step is to identify which ones to omit yet still keep the vehicle functional.

“Maybe in the future, we’ll not need lots of gadgets in our car. If we added less and used recycled and recyclable materials, then it would create a more sustainable world,” says the British fashion designer. This is admittedly strange, but somehow fascinating when you really think about it.

The MINI Strip looks no different on the outside, but Smith reminds us of its eco-friendly nature. A view of the cabin shows an almost barebones theme. There’s mesh panels, recycled cork elements, climbing rope door pulls, and more. It even gets a transparent recycled Perspex roof for superior visibility. Now, this is one way to make a statement regarding sustainability.

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Images courtesy of MINI