Costa Rica born architect José Manuel Álvarez Cruz is intimately familiar with the environment of the north Pacific coast, its weather, available building materials and how that all affects home construction. Being a supporter of Bioclimatic Design, he tends to tropicalize his architectural undertakings in this area.

A fine example of this environmentally-friendly style can be seen in the Brisas del Cabo House in Malpais, Costa Rica. With the impetus being on a home that gave the appearance of living outside, the ceilings are high to provide both cross-breeze ventilation and natural air cooling against the hot climate. The curve of the long house is focused inward to the large swimming pool in the back and the lush vegetation beyond. Light wood and locally sourced materials help soften and blend the interior spaces through covered lounges and direct deck access to the water element tying the spacious and relaxing design together.