It isn’t a surprise that the strongest beer in the world comes from Scotland. The Brewmeister Snake Venom ($80) is a barleywine style brew that has a massive 67% ABV rating that almost disqualifies it as beer.

Smoked peat malt helps give Snake Venom a bitter undercurrent while the combined champagne and ale yeasts provide a sweetness that mixes in the mouth as a citrus-like taste. Once the resulting brew is done, it is frozen using the Eisbock technique to remove water crystals. Ultimately, Snake Venom is brought up to its full alcohol level by adding pure ethanol until it reaches the listed 67% ABV.

Despite the predominance of alcohol, the fruity/bitter taste is not drowned out. Because it is frozen, the natural carbonization is gone so don’t expect a head. It’s recommended that the Brewmeister Snake Venom be used cautiously and only in 35ml shots! It goes without saying that this potent brew may best be shared around on a special occasion.