Sometimes it is hard to believe that the best things in life are simple and, believe it or not, making your own beer is actually rather simple. That is the knowledge Dr. James Morton shares in his new book, “Brew: The Foolproof Guide to Making World-Class Beer at Home” ($25).

Using step-by-step photographs and very simple instructions, Dr. Morton, (yes a real doctor with a medical degree from the University of Glasgow) shows just how easy it really is to make your own home brew. He shows how you don’t need to spend a fortune in equipment; the basics are very easy to obtain. As well as a basic introduction to brewing, this book goes into details, showing you how to get right every step of the process, from choosing the right hops to the final bottling.

“Brew” is written especially for the beginning brewer, so Dr. Morton makes it possible to craft your own beverage without breaking the bank. By the end of the book you’ll know how to brew American, European, and British beer, plus specialty beers, sours, lagers, and lambics. And what is even better than following in the footsteps of practitioners of this ancient art, is the pride in showing off your own special brew to your friends. [via]