Braeön ($18) is something that almost has to be seen to be believed. This extremely lightweight thermoplastic material can be softened at a fairly low temperature and molded, but when cooled, it retains the formed shape, and has been tested to be as hard as steel with a massive tensile strength of over two thousand pounds!

Upon reaching 140° F, Braeön’s molecules decouple so you can form it into whatever shape you need, from something as simple as a custom fit handle for knife or tools, to an emergency tow cable or winch strap for your boat or trailer. The material is 100% waterproof (you can even reach the softening temperature by dipping it in hot water) and once dry is an excellent surface for painting. Since Braeön works at low temperatures, the colder the environment, the stronger it becomes.

If you need to retouch or reform the Braeön material, you have only to bring it back up to 140° and rework it. It cools back down in seconds as the molecules fuse back together into the created shape. It comes in rolls of 20, 66, and 152 feet and is kept in its own custom tin. Whether driving, boating, camping, or working at home, Braeön may be the perfect solution to a world of problems, and it fits right next to your duct tape. Details in the video