Most of you probably know BRABUS for its upscale aftermarket customizations and ongoing love affair with vehicles from Mercedes-Benz. It also specializes in upgrades that equip your ride with heavy-duty armor to enhance personal safety. However, if you check out the company’s portfolio, it also deals in high-performance watercraft. Under the BRABUS Marine label, it unveils the Shadow 900 Deep Blue.

As with any of their mechanical modifications for their land-based lineup, the specifications this vessel brings to the table are exceptional. It measures 38 feet long with an 11-foot beam, the Shadow 900 Deep Blue can easily carry 10 to 12 people for thrilling escapades out at sea. Hold on tight because this bad boy is engineered for speed.

Armed with two 4.6-liter Mercury Marine 450R V8 Four Stroke racing engines, it lives up to its name with an output of 900 horsepower. This allows the powerboat to effortlessly cruise at speeds of a little over 60 knots. Moreover, the inclusion of cutting-edge tech makes it highly maneuverable.

Meanwhile, the dashboard features touchscreen technology and fingertip controls to make it intuitive enough even for novices to pilot. BRABUS Marine then offers the Shadow 900 Deep Blue in multiple configurations. Choose from a fully open aft, a multi-storage setup, a wet bar package, and an aft cabin with a queen-size sleeping arrangement.

When it comes to looks, you all know the German marque never disappoints. The hull, roof, and other exterior surfaces flaunt a dark blue coat of paint. Blue carbon fiber embellishments appear on several sections. BRABUS Marine then upholsters most of its seats and surfaces with BRABUS Masterpiece platinum-tone upholstery. Ultimately, the Shadow 900 Deep Blue would make a highly capable tender for any superyacht.

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Shadow 900 Deep Blue Crusing Shadow 900 Deep Blue Turning Shadow 900 Deep Blue Badging Shadow 900 Deep Blue Rear Shadow 900 Deep Blue Plaque Shadow 900 Deep Blue Cabin Shadow 900 Deep Blue Upholstery

Images courtesy of BRABUS Marine