Toothpick crossbows have become as great a fad in China as the ubiquitous Fidget Spinners have in America. Designed to propel small projectiles like toothpicks, cotton swabs, and matches, some of these tiny weapons have been known to cast a bolt as far as 65 feet!

In America, toothpick crossbows have become the weapon of choice for intra-office competitions and pecking order solutions. Due to the potential danger posed by misuse of this aggressive toy when used with unauthorized ammunition, the Bowman Mini Crossbow ($25) from Uncommon Carry has had its range and power reduced to an effective distance of between 15 and 30-foot accuracy. Made of stainless steel with a spring steel bow, this 5″ long bow has a sleek design and simple trigger mechanism. The forward guide not only helps stabilize the bolt’s flight, the top is the front post of a simple open sight. Since the Bowman Mini Crossbow is meant to help establish the social order, it is available in black, silver, or an elegant gold finish.