At first glance, we thought this camper was a new model from Airstream. It flaunts the company’s signature aluminum exterior and aviation-inspired outline. However, this is actually a travel trailer from Bowlus, which it calls the Heritage courtesy of its classic design. It may look retro, but what we have here is modern luxury living on the move.

It’s not entirely clad in metal as windows line key sections of the recreational vehicle for natural illumination by day. Instead of offering several colorways, Bowlus keeps it modest. Most buyers are probably okay with the familiar stain-silver finish. Clients can also opt for a satin gray or matte black version.

“The Heritage high-tech design is available with exclusive features and accessories that speak to your sophisticated needs at a price point that allows you to travel on your terms,” writes the manufacturer. Its spec sheet lists the length at a little over 27 feet and 6.7 feet for width.

Despite its size, the camper is light enough for standard SUVs, crossovers, and pickup trucks to handle. Although it is an open floor plan by default, Bowlus’ in-house door system provides privacy when needed. The basic layout shows a living area, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

Owners can customize their trailers’ interiors as well. Moreover, there are several optional packages to make your off-grid stays even more enjoyable. With the right configuration, the RV would make an ideal add-on for your rugged EVs. Enjoy outdoor adventures sans any environmental impact and camp out longer with the Heritage’s Power Package setup. Check out Bowlus’ lineup to find the best model for your escapades.

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Images courtesy of Bowlus