Elevate your reading experience in the dark with the Bowio 2.0. This remastered version of the Bowio Book Light comes in a distinctly stylish design that sets it apart from any of its kind.

Its unique design ensures optimal lighting across every page, regardless of your reading angle, whether sitting or lying down. It beautifully balances contrast and lessens glare and shadow and features capacitive touch-controlled brightness level according to your preference. 

It provides just the right amount of illumination that does not disturb others around you, especially if you’re reading inside the bedroom where someone else is sleeping. Bowio 2.0 offers six warm daylight LEDs engineered for a uniform glow on your book. 

Meanwhile, the High Coloring Rendering Index LEDs ensure a more natural and vibrant lighting that enhances visual clarity and reading enjoyment. The LEDs are housed in a durable, lightweight, and flexible circuit board in a robust polyamide lining and soft inner leather converge. The flexibility allows it to bend along the straps, which have been meticulously crafted, from every pattern, every hue, and material, to embody a timeless elegance.

The straps come in either smooth genuine cowhide leather that’s durable and develops its own patina overtime, or vegan leather that’s lightweight and comes in a spectrum of playful colors. The straps of Bowio 2.0 are held together using nylon threads bonded from polyamide 6.6 synthetic fiber and their edges dyed for water-resistance.

The straps clip to board, tabletop, or paper using robust N52 Grade Neodymium magnets for unparalleled grasping strength and extreme adjustability of lighting angle without harming your book. Gold and black chrome-plated metal buckles also offer a stylish and sturdy fastening solution.

The Bowio 2.0 runs on a built-in hybrid power system that supports both rechargeable 1.2V Ni-Cd/Ni-Mh and disposable 1.5V Alkaline/Zinc AAA batteries. It recharges via a type-C port or plug-in for battery-free use. The batteries offer 45 to 95 hours of illumination for uninterrupted reading. 

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Images courtesy of Bowio 2.0