Let’s just say that your fancy new superyacht is already been ordered and is now under construction. Depending on the features and size of the vessel, next on the to-buy list should be the tenders and water toys. A popular personal watercraft most ships have in their garages are jet skis. However, if regular models are out of the question for your lavish lifestyle, Bouvet presents the Supermarine MM01.

For the discerning buyer, even the range-topping models from renowned manufacturers will never make the cut. Thus, it’s either they go bespoke and commission a boutique brand to make one or check out what Bouvet has to offer. Unlike most modern jet skis, the Supermarine MM01 dials up the luxury and performance.

The company manages to endow this upmarket recreational marine machine with a remarkable silhouette. Bouvet uses Kevlar, carbon fiber, and titanium for the build. Its futuristic aerodynamic design is a huge part of the appeal here, but its capabilities are likewise impressive.

To minimize noise and remain eco-friendly, it runs on an all-electric system. Bouvet is borrowing Formula E technology for its liquid-cooled heavy-duty lithium-ion batteries which is supplying the motor with clean energy. The Supermarine MM01 is capable of generating 300 horsepower with 332 lb-ft of torque. These numbers will allow owners to get up to speeds of 75 mph.

With 110 liters of trunk space, this jet ski lets you haul more gear along with another passenger. The storage is located below the removable saddle. Precision controls and high-tech navigation systems make each ride safe and fun. Bouvet will hand-assemble each Supermarine MM01, which is available in either Mother of Pearl (all-white) or the more menacing Black Edition colorways.

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Supermarine MM01 Controls Supermarine MM01 Black Supermarine MM01 Lights

Images courtesy of Bouvet