As the saying goes, why fix something that isn’t broken, right? This may be applicable for a lot of things, but it can also hold back innovation. For years, personal watercraft (PWC) platforms have followed the same formula. Lately, we’ve seen some concepts push the envelope like the Valo from Boundary Layer Technologies.

The company which operates out of San Francisco, California bills it as “the world’s first Hyperfoil.” In line with the current trend of sustainability, the Valo likewise touts a zero-emission propulsion system. This means you can enjoy the ride without any environmental impact and noise. It allows users to really immerse themselves in nature.

As the name says, the Valo is not your average PWC although it might seem like one. Once you hit the throttle, its carbon fiber hydrofoils function like wings and raise the hull above the water. This minimizes drag which equates to more speed.

It can hit a maximum speed of 58 mph and zip from zero to 45 mph in eight seconds. Its batteries power a 108-horsepower electric motor for up to 1.5 hours of adrenaline-pumping action. The active stability feature and its Skyride flight control software promise “precise balance and agility.”

It measures 11.5 feet with a 3.9-foot beam and weighs roughly 595 lbs. The Valo can seat up to two, while its sensors and electronics ensure safety even for amateur operators. The manufacturer uses composites, titanium, high-strength stainless steel, and vegan leather for its construction. Deliveries of the hyperfoil will start in 2023 albeit in limited numbers.

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Images courtesy of Boundary Layer Technologies