If you want to improve the technique and speed of your punches, shadowboxing and bag work may help but not as much as training with the BotBoxer. This is the world’s first robotic punching bag that can spot and escape your strikes, so you can train smarter and become a better fighter.

Fitted with high-speed computer vision and motion recognition tech, BotBoxer ducks your punches and records your performance while offering tips on how to improve your skills. A 19-inch touchscreen display lets users design their own power training or upper-body cardio sessions according to their level, with customizable programs and challenges.

You can tweak reaction time, the range of motion, mistake frequency, and even the time it takes the robot to recover from blows. What’s more incredible, the BotBoxer is made to get tired as the fight continues, just like a human boxer would.

Buy From BotBoxer $20,000