Advancement in Bluetooth and battery technology has given us the ability to develop even smaller audio devices. You’ve probably seen or even own the current-gen version of true-wireless earphones that are compact and output remarkable sound. Apple even jumped in the bandwagon with the AirPods. The formula is pretty much the same—you get a pair of untethered stereo earbuds along with a charging case. But if you are in the market for something else (preferably to help you get a good night’s sleep), then the Bose Sleepbuds could be your ticket to dreamland.

You might be surprised to learn that these are intended to induce our body to slip off and slumber. Just as product’s name suggests, the engineers from the audio equipment company designed these buds to block out external noise. Due to its appearance, it’s easy to mistake these as your run-of-the-mill wireless sports-ready earphones. However, they do not function as one. Instead, the pair emits a preset number of sounds that have been curated by experts to naturally lull your senses into relaxation.

These apparently work great to keep external noises out and improve your rest. The Bose Sleepbuds boasts great battery life which supposedly lasts up to two nights on a single charge. We also loved the feature where you can set an alarm to discreetly play through the buds to wake you up. The material and shape are reportedly comfortable to wear over extended periods. You will only need your Bluetooth connection to toggle the sounds you want to play as you wait for the sandman to do his thing.

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Photos courtesy of Bose