Although modern turntables come in various designs, all typically feature a thick base. This is not purely aesthetic as this section is where most of its mechanical components are housed. Furthermore, these record players are engineered to be bottom-heavy as a way to dampen vibrations and stability. The BÖNWERK Turntable, on the other hand, refuses to conform.

Designed by Mateo Rombolá and Tobias Quirici, the duo likely wanted to endow their concept with a sleek appeal. It seems the team accomplished their goal with what is perhaps the slimmest form factor we’ve ever seen to date. However, the overhanging surfaces merely hide the substantial mass beneath.

Depending on your viewing angle, the plinth looks unbelievably thin, albeit with a progressive slope to the right. This makes sense as it needs to accommodate the control panel. Nevertheless, the BÖNWERK Turntable compensates for it via a concave recess which holds the platter.

Knurled metal dial knobs, sliders, and a button let you control the volume, playback speed, equalizer, start/stop, and strobe light. You can also spot a J-shape tonearm with its headshell and counterweight. Since this is merely a concept, the cartridge and other relevant specifications of the BÖNWERK Turntable were not listed.

Still, the beautiful and detailed renders give us a glimpse of what vinyl players of the future would look like. We are in awe at the minimalist motif of the BÖNWERK Turntable wherein there are no printed or engraved labels save for the single branding. Its contrasting tones of silver and black with matte and brushed finishes impart a premium appeal.

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Images courtesy of Mateo Rombolá/Tobias Quirici/Behance