Any outdoorsman would understand the need for a versatile tool that packs small and light but offers multiple uses. You cannot possibly bring several tools with you when you are out hiking, camping, or simply enjoying the great outdoors. Thankfully, Bone Daddy Blade Werx has you covered with its amazing new gear, the Axxis Hand Axe.

Mind you, this is no ordinary hand axe. It packs a punch, one that you’ll never see coming until you experience it firsthand. It has the appeal of a Viking ready for combat and with the chopping power to match.

The Axxis Hand Axe serves as a survival knife, a camp axe, a self-defense tool and more. You’ll never look for a more convenient and efficient outdoor gear when you have this versatile tool with you.

Powerful Tools In One Robust Piece

Minimalism and efficiency go hand-in-hand with the Axxis Hand Axe, a true testament to Bone Daddy Blade Werx motto that you can “do more with less.” Inspired by the simplicity yet powerful tool of the stone age, this gear features a uniquely-designed aesthetic appeal that amps up its efficiency and practicality.

Its skeletonized body has multiple holes for multiple holds. It lets you find the perfect grip for maximum comfort for fingers of different sizes. It offers ten different grip options that equal to a secure hold when chopping, slicing, cutting, skinning, and more.

Axxis As A Hand-Axe And Camp Axe

Use a “pistol-whip” swing and a three-finger grip to maximize its potential as a hand-axe. The forward-facing trigger enables the in-hand rotation or “axial rotation” that lets you easily chop away wood, tree barks, and more.

Take it up a notch and fashion the Axxis Hand Axe as a full-size camp axe using cords and the trees at your disposal. Strap the Axxis Hand Axe any way you want. The grip holes provide limitless strapping possibilities according to your preference.

However, for a secure hold during heavy chopping, you can strap the axe to the mounting wedge found in the center to prevent it from sliding forward and back. The combination of the lashing cord and the mounting wedge reinforces the front and rear-facing triggers to prevent slippage.

Portability And Durability

Forget lunging those heavy workman tools when you simply want to cut a few barks of trees for firewood. The Axxis Hand Axe is lightweight at 14.2-14.6 ounces of solid steel with a slim blade design at just 3/8 inches/135mm and astounding edge length of 5.3 inches/135 mm from a tool that is only 7 inches overall. It is compact enough to hide inside the pocket of your jeans.

Of course, quality and portability combine to give you a tool that is not just comfortable to use but also guarantee durability. Cold-forged from 3/8” D2 Tool Steel ensures a solid hardware for a lifetime of hard use.

Meanwhile, Titanium Nitride (TiN) coating makes the blade wear-resistant as well as rust and corrosion-resistant. Thus, this tool requires minimal maintenance, nothing that a little oil wipe can’t do to prepare it for its next outdoor excursion.

Axxis Safety Guaranteed

The Axxis Hand Axe is specifically designed for ambidextrous use and the integrated grip holes make sure you get a safe and secure hold while slicing, chopping, cutting, and more. They also let you do more with your fingers without ever having to put the axe down.

Likewise, full-reversible sheath guards further protect you from accidental cuts or snips while the axe is in your pocket, when you’re not using it, or when you have it mounted to a haft.

Get Your Hand On This Amazing Tool Now

The Axxis Hand Axe is available for an early-bird special over at Bone Daddy Blade Werx’s Kickstarter page. It is available in White Metal, Black Magik, and Gun Metal finish and the crater and chisel texture. As Bone Daddy Blade WerX puts it, the company’s creed is simple, “when you cut away the flesh
you’re left with the bone.”


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Images courtesy of Bone Daddy Blade Werx