Boncho Bike Poncho 1

While regular raincoats are great for keeping you dry when walking in the rain, they don’t offer too much protection if you’re riding a bike. For that situation, you’d better wear a Boncho ($60) – the full-body bike poncho.

Designed by awarded Dutch bicycle (and accessories) maker Vanmoof, Boncho uses a unique folding structure – similar to those found in pop-up tents – that allows it to extend over your handlebars, forming a cover. This cover blocks rain coming from the front, but is also wide enough to offer protection from side rain, thus keeping your upper & lower body dry at all times. The product is claimed to be fully waterproof, lightweight, breathable and durable, plus easy to fold/unfold, making for a small and thin package when not in use. Even better, Boncho fits any bike and can be used with small or large helmets. Available in mint or grey colors, in small, medium or large sizes. Details in the video

Boncho Bike Poncho 2

Boncho Bike Poncho 5

Boncho Bike Poncho 3