The BOLD-2 Power Bank is dubbed the “world’s fastest graphene power bank” for a very good reason. It boasts a combined output of 290W and offers ultra-fast simultaneous charging for up to six devices. 

You can charge anything from a smartphone, a MacBook, a laptop, a tablet, Apple Watch, and more. This device can power up a MacBook in just 30 minutes using its built-in 140W Type-C port. This is made possible thanks to the ultra-high thermal conductivity of graphene, a flexible conductor which helps transfer heat more efficiently, thus enabling faster charging.

Moreover, the BOLD-2 Power Bank features an upgraded charging scheme (PPS, PD 3.2) for optimal and efficient charging power for all your devices. It’s engineered with pass-through charging functionality, so it can still power your devices while being charged itself. It runs on Lithium Polymer Graphene Composite Cells with an impressive capacity of 100Wh / 27,000mAh. 

Using graphene also results in a longer lifespan for the power bank itself. It gives this charger 4x longer battery life cycles that can last up to five years. It is equipped with four USB-C ports with power outputs of 140W, 100W, 30W, and 30W. Then there are two MagSafe wireless charging ports with a 15W and 5W output. 

 Moreover, the BOLD-2 features a cutting-edge, smart high-temperature defense system for real-time heat monitoring. It also has an overcurrent protection system to regulate current flow to prevent power surges and optimize power efficiency. Lastly, it boasts a foolproof short circuit prevention system. This power bank is TSA-compliant and comes in a robust construction made from aircraft-grade American anodized aluminum and a fireproof polycarbonate wireless pad with an OLED screen for real-time intel on energy levels and charging status.

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Images courtesy of BOLD-2