Böker Plus’ Zenshin Knife pays homage to Japanese metalcraft with its Higonokami-inspired folder. It’s a compact knife but means business when put to work.

This pocketknife comes in brass and stainless steel variety and both pack a 2.95″ long reverse tanto blade with an overall extended length of 6.69″. This in itself is a true homage to the classic Higo profile but Böker adds modern conveniences to make their take look fresh. These include a swedge at the tip and the choice of two slab handle scales instead of a single piece of folded brass iconic to the classic Higonokami.

Moreover, Böker Plus’ Zenshin Knife employs a frame lock to make it a versatile tool not only limited to sharpening pencils. It can keep up with other tasks including cutting, slicing, opening letters and boxes, and more up-to-date EDC jobs. Outside of the handle, this pocketknife packs a rust-resistant 440C blade steel with an elaborate two-tone finish and a flat grind. 

The stainless steel version of this folder has an extended tang opener which is intact. It incorporates a frame lock and has a matte stonewash finish for the handle. Meanwhile, the brass model does away with the extended tang altogether and is a two-handed slip joint with a stonewash finished handle.

The Böker Plus’ Zenshin Knife boasts a slim profile to make it portable. On top of its compact size, it has a thin blade at merely 0.09″ and is lightweight at 2.12 oz. The stainless steel version doesn’t have additional liners and so it lies comfortably flat in the hands making work easy. However, neither of the brass or stainless steel model of this knife carries a clip. On the other hand, they have a built-in lanyard hole for tethering. 

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Images courtesy of Böker Solingen