Boca de Agua hotel is nestled within the lush embrace of the Yucatan Peninsula’s jungle, marked by spacious and carefully crafted treehouses designed by Mexico City architect Frida Escobedo. It is located by the magical Laguna de los Siete Colores, in Bacalar, Mexico and offers a tranquil retreat for guests with an aim to improve their mental health.

The hotel is in the easternmost state of Mexico, Quintana Roo and upon entry, guest are instantly welcomed to a dip in the pristine blue waters of the nearby Bacalar Lagoon. The family of treehouses next catches the eye as they stand out amid their verdant landscape with their detailed structure, which is constructed out of local FSC-certified tropical hardwood. Escobedo’s staple latticework is used throughout the treehouses for natural ventilation and shade while adding a charming vibe.

The campus that comprise Boca de Agua hotel include 22 raised structures (some with one or two bedrooms) and a couple of restaurants (one with a stargazing platform on top). There’s also a lagoon deck, a spa surrounded by four mature Chaká red trees which are considered sacred in Mayan culture, and a petanque court. 

The hotel’s founder Rodrigo Juarez explains the natural setting of his establishment, sharing that he suffered from crippling anxiety since in his early twenties. He said being surrounded by nature helped with his anxiety.

“The only times I was able to get out of this frustrating loop was when I would spend extended periods of time in nature. Since this realization, I began a long journey to try to develop a project in the intersection of natural conservation and mental health – and Boca de Agua was born.” He calls the establishment as the product of “traditional Japanese architecture, Mexican modernism, and local craftsmanship having a baby in the Caribbean jungle.”  

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Images courtesy of César Béjar/Boca de Agua