As electrification gradually trickles to even more platforms, an emission-free future is as promising as ever. CES 2022 is becoming one best ever with surprise reveals from some of the biggest names in automotive, mobility, and others. Bobcat drew crowds with its sustainable and innovative take on construction equipment. Their T7X is a compact loader like no other.

We say that because, unlike other battery-powered heavy machinery, it requires very minimal maintenance. Moreover, not only does the T7X move around via electric propulsion, but its articulating parts are also electronically controlled. It basically replaces all the hydraulics with powerful actuators.

In fact, Bobcat is billing this model as the “world’s first all-electric compact loader” and they’re telling the truth. In fact, the organizers of the tech expo are recognizing the groundbreaking features it’s bringing to the table. Hence, it now touts two 2022 CES Innovation Awards in the Smart Cities and Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation categories.

“The T7X is your window into the future of the compact equipment industry,” notes the manufacturer. “Since inventing the world’s first skid-steer loader more than 60 years ago, Bobcat Company has continued to develop leading innovations that move the equipment industry forward and redefine what is possible.”

Powering the machine is a 62 kW lithium-ion battery module. On a single charge, it will remain operational for up to four hours. The heavy-duty electric motors and ball screw actuators will stand up to the toughest jobs.

Bobcat claims the instantaneous torque it produces will easily outperform traditional loaders by a factor of three. Since its zero-emission powertrain is virtually silent, workers can also operate the T7X indoors and in enclosed spaces. This makes it a perfect workhorse in urban areas where noise and air pollution can become an issue.

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Images courtesy of Bobcat