Last month, SKODA threw us for a loop when 35 apprentices from its vocational school teased the MOUNTIAQ concept truck. Looking at the types of vehicles the Czech carmaker produces, this was not what the automotive industry was expecting. We are still reeling from the surprise, but we’re getting another one a European brand once more. Exploring the possibilities of transporting bulkier cargo, the BMW X7 Pick-up truck is pushing the boundaries of luxury and utility.

Meanwhile, any hopes of owning this unique machine are as good as zero because it’s a one-off model. The source of inspiration BMW is presenting this awesome truck as an elegant workhorse that will haul almost anything that would fit the bed. Right now, the company is parading it in all its glory with an equally remarkable ride aboard. Sitting on the rear is a BMW F 850 GS motorbike. These two absolutely look good together, as it should be and we hope that it eventually becomes a production model in the future.

Just like the SKODA project, the BMW X7 Pick-up truck owes its design from the minds of twelve trainees. What’s even more amazing is how this group was able to turn the concept into a working showpiece in just 10 months time. Drawing inspiration from the X7 xDrive40i, this five-seater sports a loading area line with teakwood. This gives it a premium appeal that is quite rare among vehicles of its kind. Ultimately, this project is just a small preview of what the carmaker’s future designers and engineers will be capable of.

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Images courtesy of BMW