Like most German marques, BMW also lends its design expertise to projects beyond the scope of the automotive industry. Like Porsche, it also caters to lifestyle products, fashion, and more. However, its latest venture is a partnership with TYDE to come up with a sustainable ship they have christened the Icon.

This futuristic monohull made its debut at the 76th Cannes Film Festival, which seems like an odd choice for a vessel of its kind. The Icon does not technically fit into the yacht category, but that’s a good thing. We’ve already had enough of the elite and their inflated egos as they constantly attempt to outclass the others when it comes to the sheer size of their luxurious watercraft.

The Icon measures a modest 44 feet from tip to tail. Its silhouette flaunts a combination of geometric surfaces and curves which translate into an aerodynamic and hydrodynamic outline. Moreover, the hydrofoil system allows it to rise above the water’s surface to minimize resistance and enhance stability.

BMW is reportedly supplying technology from its EV lineup, particularly six batteries that output a total of 240 kWh. The propulsion system, meanwhile, uses twin 100 kW motors which are enough to push the Icon up to 30 knots. Ideally, its cruising speed is around 24 knots with an estimated range of 50 nautical miles on a full charge.

If you’ve ever ridden on an EV or any other battery-powered platform, a common trait people immediately notice is the near-silent operation. The Icon embodies the same characteristics with the addition of minimal vibrations. Inside, people can enjoy immersive acoustics courtesy of the Dolby Atmos sound system tuned by legendary German film score composer Hans Zimmer.

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Images courtesy of BMW/TYDE