As many so-called sustainable EVs hit the market as concepts or commercial releases, it won’t be long before these types of builds become ubiquitous. Currently, there is no definite standard to gauge just how eco-friendly the platform is aside from its powertrain. However, BMW seems to have nailed exactly how their future machines are designed. The Vision Neue Klasse X shares a glimpse of what to expect.

The elegant and futuristic model is a classy follow-up to the Vision Neue Klasse sedan which launched in the latter half of 2023. The German marque declines to refer to the sequel as an SUV despite it being so but rather describes it as an “SAV” or Sport Activity Vehicle. Anyway, the sleek and slightly geometric silhouette of its exterior does appear dynamic.

During its official unveiling in Lisbon, Portugal, BMW was eager to share what the Vision Neue Klasse X brings to the table aside from its beefier stature. At the heart of the EV’s established all-electric architecture is “an innovative drive and chassis control delivers even more precision, dynamics, efficiency and driving pleasure.”

Responsible for its advanced responsiveness, driving dynamics, and safety is an in-house developed software stack. BMW has yet to give it an official name but calls it a super-brain in the meantime. The goal is to equip their entire EV lineup with four to facilitate self-driving, efficiency, precision, and performance.

Now that we have an idea of what the company plans to incorporate in terms of emission-free motoring, there are other notable aspects of this green SUV. The Vision Neue Klasse X features petroleum-free materials in its construction and others that are fully recyclable. Among those listed are maritime plastics, Verdana, and others.

Drivers and passengers are greeted with a stylish interior trimmed in orange and white. A panoramic glass roof and large windows give the cabin a sense of openness. Powering the Vision Neue Klasse X is BMW’s new round lithium-ion batteries supported by an 800V system. It can purportedly recharge enough for a 187-mile journey in 10 minutes.

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Images courtesy of BMW