No one ever said building custom motorcycles was easy but when Michael Siebenhofer of Titan Motorcycles, located in Graz, Austria, decided to create a unique bobber, things definitely took a serious turn. While the technology needed to be modern, he wanted a frame as old as possible. After eliminating a WWII Wehrmacht edition R75 as being of inferior metal, he settled on a 1956-vintage R50/3 BMW.

First to go was the rear suspension which required new mounting for the cardan driveshaft. Then he salvaged the engine, transmission, wheel hubs, and fork tubes of a late 70’s R75/7. German specialist AME Chopper provided a 9° rake kit to merge it all together. The original hubs were restored before being paired with modern rims and new spokes. Michael used a Siebenrock Big Bore Kit on the 745cc engine to pump up the volume to 1070cc, producing 70 horsepower. Finished off with a tooled leather seat and candy blue with white pinstripe paint, the ‘Bavarian Bobber’ looks like it can hold the road against all comers. [via]