Mercedes-Benz has been aggressively marketing its multimedia infotainment system dubbed the MBUX for quite some time now. To those who are unaware, it may seem like something totally new. However, several sources point out that it actually launched alongside the A-Class back in 2018. Now, we have BMW as it teases a cutting-edge take on a heads-up display called the Panoramic Vision.

Over the years, vehicles have been gradually incorporating screens for the instrument panel and entertainment units. Ranging from entry-level to flagship trims, almost every carmaker now uses touchscreens and other innovative technology to make the user experience more immersive.

BMW’s goal is to improve overall road safety by projecting relevant telemetry and more within the driver’s line of sight. Traditionally, we must glance downward every now and then to view various information. On the other hand, HUD systems like the Panoramic Vision relocates everything above the dashboard.

It appears the team is already far along in development as the German marque plans to integrate the Panoramic Vision platform by 2025. A video shows a darkened section that spans the width of the windshield wherein useful data is projected. Meanwhile, more details are likewise viewable a little bit higher such as navigation and others. These are in a subtler contrast to prevent unwanted distractions.

“The windscreen becomes a single large display with our new BMW Panoramic Vision, opening up completely new possibilities for the design of our vehicles.  Whether the driver decides themselves which information they want to display in their own field of vision, or that all occupants can see the entire content,” describes Member of the Board for Development at BMW AG Frank Weber.

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Images courtesy of BMW