The BLUETTI EP500 Pro comes with features found from its predecessor, the EP500, namely the smart touchscreen, mobile app control, and 24/7 UPS backup protection. It also boasts an advanced battery management system (BMS) and uses TI Dual-Core Processor. The updated version though packs some really useful upgrades including a NEMA L14-30 30A receptacle and three accessories to fully power your household machines.

These include the Home Integration Kit (Subpanel), a Fusion Box to double power capacity, and a very handy PV modular system, all of which make a very reliable and efficient power generator during blackouts, power outages, or on off-grid travels. But before we narrow down the details of each, let’s first get to know the BLUETTI EP500 Pro better.

Multiple Power Solutions In One Portable Design


The BLUETTI EP500 Pro is capable of powering your most essential and critical electronics with its 5,100Wh of LiFePO4 battery. It can provide up to 3000W of continuous power at 120V using a pure sine wave inverter and the NEMA L14-30 30A receptacle.

This latest version features two wireless charging pads, five 120V/20A AC outlets (one using the NEMA L14-30A receptacle), and a couple of standard USB-A and fast-charging USB-A ports. It also comes with three 12V DC outputs, a 12V cigarette lighter port, and 12V/30A RV port for tailgating.

But unlike the EP500, the BLUETTI EP500 Pro boasts two 100W USB-C ports. With all these connections, you can run most of your kitchen and home appliances simultaneously during power interruptions. Be it a blender, microwave, a small air conditioner, refrigerator, laptop, space heater, electric frying pan, and more.

Learn More About the BLUETTI EP500

When you feel generous, you can even use the BLUETTI EP500 Pro to run an electric bike to get you 150 miles from your location. It can also power a TESLA for a good 10 to 16 miles. This is on the hefty side though compared to the EP500. But for all the good reasons mentioned above. It weighs 81 kilos but has transport wheels for convenience.

Powerful Accessories


Now on to the accessories. The BLUETTO EP500 Pro has its own fusion box so you can use two machines simultaneously. This doubles the power output and storage capacity using split-phase. Through this method, you can run high-powered appliances.

The pro version comes with a selection of 30Amp/20Amp ports including a 120V/240V NEMA L14-30 outlet and two 120V NEMA TT-30 ports. It also has four 120V outlets.

Meanwhile, the Home Integration Kit (Subpanel) lets you connect your power station to your home circuit using the split-phase setup. This enables the UPS system of the power station to store vital load so when outages come, you keep your lights on and other appliances running without interruption.

Lastly, the BLUETTI EP500 Pro supports Photo Voltaic input within the range of 35-150 V so you can build your private power network via solar panels. Its added PV Voltage step-down system seamlessly adjusts the total input voltage for homes with a huge array of solar panels.

Recharge anytime and anywhere

Harnessing solar power gets you to 100 percent in 2.60 hours with the BLUETTI EP500 Pro. Combine that with AC power and you’re down to a fast charge of 1.77 hours. But for lack of solar panels, this power station refuels in a maximum of 3 hours, unlike the EP500 which takes roughly 5 hours.

The BLUETTI EP500 Pro is ultimately the power solution you need with its off-grid ready system and high-quality, efficient power delivery. You can use it anytime, anywhere, and recharge conveniently. Plus, with 6000 charge cycles to boast, you will have a lifetime of backup generator for when you need it.

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