A guitar takes time to master, but once you do, it’s great to have one handy to strum some tunes and sing along. Picture this! A rainy afternoon or a clear night camped out and full of inspiration, but your instrument was too bulky to bring along. It makes us wish we had a Blues Walker folding electric guitar.

Ever since musicians found out how inconvenient it was to transport some instruments, people sought out ways to trim off their bulk. Unfortunately, professionals point out the problems that could come from this reduction. Foldable guitars are not exactly new, but Yui Shimano’s take is perhaps the most creative of all the ones we’ve seen.

The Japanese handyman has been dabbling with ideas for years and his Blues Walker website is full of posts about various projects. The folding electric guitar is the most intriguing of all as it was a solution to a dilemma he experienced in his youth. After several prototypes, the final design includes a stylish briefcase.

It’s clear everything has been thought out carefully as the storage system of the folding electric guitar also functions as a built-in speaker and amplifier. The interior is lined with velvet and features cutouts to hold the folded instrument, cables, and other items. We like the vintage aesthetics overall.

When it’s time to play, a special hinge mechanism on the rear extends the body and generates enough tension to pull the strings taut. All that’s left is to connect your Blues Walker folding electric guitar, tune it accordingly, and shred it out like a rockstar. So far, there are two colorways on display: Maple/Black and Cream/White.

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Images courtesy of Yui Shimano