American whiskey has been gaining a lot of ground internationally as of late and is further fueled by the influx of new and exclusive releases over the past few months. Bourbon is perhaps what comes to mind almost immediately here. If you think so as well, then it might be in your best interest to sample the Blue Note Special Reserve.

This is brought to us by the B.R. Distilling Company and is part of its Cask Finishing Series. We all know by now that what really gives whiskey – or any type of spirit for that matter – its signature character is the wooden barrel it ages in. As such, the Blue Note Special Reserve pushes the envelope when it comes to blended bourbon.

How far, you ask? How about a total of six different casks previously holding various types of wines and cognac? If this was attempted by an amateur distillery, it’s highly likely that the recipe would end in disaster. However, the folks behind this delightful concoction knew exactly what they wanted.

The Blue Note Special Reserve features bourbon sourced from three mashbills – each with varying levels of rye. Furthermore, the age statements of these spirits reach as old as 19 and as young as four. Since this is under the Cask Finishing Series, we have a mix of vino de Naranja, Maderia, sherry, new American oak, port, and Cognac.

The resulting bourbon is in darker hue of amber with an aroma of honey. Meanwhile, the tasting notes as indicated by those who sampled the Blue Note Special Reserve are mostly of fruit with hints of spice and chocolate. It is bottled at 112.5 proof and only 2,100 are available for purchase at $225.

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Images courtesy of B.R. Distilling Company