Depending on the size and model of your gas grill, some might have replaceable grates. We know many of you agree that there’s nothing better than charred grill marks on your burgers or steaks. However, there are ingredients that just cook better on a flat surface. If you need one, Blackstone happens to have the Griddle Cooking Station.

With a side burner, a large skillet can produce the same results, but it’s not enough to feed a bigger crowd. The Griddle Cooking Station is a freestanding model you can hook up with a propane tank. It measures 66 inches high, 62.50 inches across, and 22 inches deep so you have an idea of the space it will take up.

It roughly weighs about 120 lbs but should be easy enough to move around with the industrial-grade casters below. Take note that the two can be locked to improve stability while in use. There are four 15,000-BTU burners with independent control knobs for heat management.

No need to plug in or use a lighter as the battery-operated ignition makes it easy to start. The Blackstone Griddle Cooking Station is constructed out of powder-coated steel, while the griddle top is made from rolled carbon 7-gauge steel.

Meanwhile, meal preparation is made even easier with the side shelves. The one on the right features a cutting board, garbage bag hanger, and a paper towel holder. Cleanup is likewise convenient with Blackstone’s patented rear grease management system. 

Furthermore, propane tank fasteners are located at the bottom-left, while the bottom shelf can hold even more gear. The Blackstone Griddle Cooking Station makes a wonderful addition to your collection of outdoor cooking equipment.

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Images courtesy of Blackstone