“There’s no school like the old school” is a quote that retro automobile lovers out there believe wholeheartedly. Cool N Vintage, a company based in Lisbon, Portugal, embraces the idea, which led them down the path of automotive restoration. Even though its portfolio suggests that it has done work on various types of vehicles, its passion is clearly dedicated to a particular British classic.

Professionally-rebuilt Land Rover Series 3 Defenders appear to be its area of expertise and a recently finished beauty, in particular, caught our eye. This one is dressed entirely in black and it looks menacing in all the right places. Everything you see outside and inside this “Blacked-Out” version is meticulously shaded to match the theme. Furthermore, the matte finish appropriately applied to its surfaces definitely makes its cooler than high-gloss variants.

With only 10 to 12 units produced each year, you know that you’re paying for quality. Each Series 3 Defender that rolls out of the shop takes around six months to complete and the attention to detail is outstanding. Cool N Vintage even goes the extra mile to help its customer with logistics, shipping, and import requirements.

Cool N Vintage

Photos courtesy of Cool N Vintage