It is easy to mistake the Donut Cutter from industrial design studio BKID Co. as a toy or a piece of aesthetic display because of how cute and colorful it looks. But it is definitely not a plaything because of its razor-sharp blade.

This quirky EDC can’t be any more straightforward. As its name suggests, it is a slicer shaped like those ring-shaped pieces of sweet dough. And just like its food counterpart, this one also comes in attractive glazed or marble-like colors and with toppings, erm, embellishments. But this one can bite you, not the reverse when you’re not careful.

BKID’s Donut Cutter is very sharp it can cut through hard plastic like those water bottles and their parts, specifically bottle caps, neck rings, and labels, which can otherwise be tough to slice with any ordinary blade. It easily works great with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or thermoplastic polymer made from petroleum. Aside from water bottles, other samples are milk jugs, shampoo and bleach bottles, piping, cutting boards, and more. 

It offers a good and secure grip through the hole in the middle. The blade comes in a hook-like design to make cutting or slicing through plastic easy. It has screws on the outside so you can take it apart for maintenance. Best of all, it is compact it easily fits in your pocket, although it’s better to store it somewhere safe first before you pocket it. 

BKID created the Donut Cutter to help lessen plastic waste landfills and streamline the recycling process. This way hard plastics do not end up harming wild and aquatic life. If not recycled well, they mostly end up polluting the earth and endangering animals. They either end up choking birds, in the stomach of whales or stuck to animals.

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Images courtesy of BKID Co.