People who are familiar with BIGiDESIGN have come to expect them to produce high-quality, long-lasting every day carry objects such as pens, USB hubs, key fobs and the like. Their latest genius idea is the second EDC tool they have made. The Bit Bar Screwdriver ($55) is a full-sized, interchangeable bit screwdriver that still fits comfortably in the average jeans pocket.

The Bit Bar is about the length and thickness of an average pocket knife. Inside the handle, the eight standard 1/4″ black oxide hex screwdriver bits are held in place with a magnet bar that pushes up to select the needed bit. Each tool also comes with a 60mm extension for better reach.

The handles come in two materials and three colors. The grade 5 titanium handles are either ceramic media tumbled grey or a diamond-like carbon black coating. There is also an injection molded fiberglass reinforced nylon handle in matte black. If that isn’t enough, the deluxe model also comes with a specially designed three position ratchet. Air travelers need not worry as the Bit Bar has been TSA tested and approved as a carry-on item. Details in the video