One of the important factors to consider when choosing a good quality bicycle is a comfortable seat. After all, you have to sit on it the entire time. The problem though with bike seats is that they are rarely customizable to your desired comfort because it only occupies a few inches of space on the bike.

Luckily, there’s a bike saddle that caters to everybody, regardless of shape and riding style. The patented BiSaddle Shapeshifter 2019 fits perfectly with any bike. As its name suggests, this seat shapeshifts to provide you with a comfortable riding experience.

Its split-saddle design offers front and rear width adjustment of up to 200 mm from 40mm. It fits sit-bones from 100-165mm wide when measured center-to-center. The saddle also allows angle and profile change so it can fit any body shape, riding position, and riding style. The left and right BiSaddle can even be adjusted separately for custom comfort.

The BiSaddle ShapeShifter 2019 eliminates the pain, numbness, genital injury, body sores, and general discomfort that usually come with a seat that is not fitted correctly to each unique body type. Best of all, this bike seat adjusts without hassle so you can easily custom fit it if your bike has different riders.

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Photos Courtesy of BiSaddle