Sri Lankan 3D visualizer Thilina Liyanage takes glamping to new heights with his “Birdie” concept. This stunning villa, as its name entails, takes the form of a bird or swan in flight, with massive wings outstretched and the entire structure on stilts, while the interior hosts a luxurious experience for guests.

Liyanage is no stranger to conceptualizing architectural fortresses that resemble wildlife. He has designed villas that resemble a whale, a massive octopus, and more. All feature careful and meticulous focus on architectural details. The “Birdie” is no different. 

Made with a mix of bamboo, wood, and tiles, this villa stands out with its magnificent design and massive size in the middle of a forest. It’s divided into two levels with private spaces found on the top. The bedroom has its own balcony and can host a family of three. The living room, toilet, and a cantilevered hammock big enough for three people are at the bottom level. 

Liyanage carefully divided the “Birdie” into functional spaces. The tail doubles as a balcony big enough for recreation where kids can play or lounge about. Meanwhile, the chest and wingspan occupy most of the villa’s interior space. The bedroom is also comfortably spacious with windows and a double door that opens out into the balcony to let fresh air in.

A long ladder takes guests into the villa where they can immerse themselves in their surrounding beauty. The “Birdie” villa gives a birds-eye view of the surrounding treetops and offers beautiful sunrise and sunset views. 

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Images courtesy of Thilina Liyanage