BioLite has revolutionized the basic headlamp with modern upgrades that make you forget you are even wearing one. No more unnecessary slippage and no annoying knob on the forehead. Say hello to the BioLite Headlamp.

This portable light is a beautified version of its predecessor. Its fit is unlike any of its kind thanks to its 3D SlimFit Construction. The fabric integrates the electronics using a custom molded housing which in turn creates a flush front. This eliminates the bounce that headlamps usually make with your every move. Instead, it stays flat on your forehead and moves with you as a single unit.

Likewise, the relocation of the battery to the rear results to a better balance. It makes the front super light that it feels nearly weightless when put on– it only weighs 69grams. The relocation also eradicates the constant downward slip that happens with other headlamps.

Meanwhile, the band itself is comfortable to wear with its easy-adjust clip and cool fabric. Made of high quality, moisture-wicking fabric, the band keeps your forehead cool and dry in any activity.

The BioLite Headlamp boasts 330 Lumens and four lighting modes. It is powered by a rechargeable Li-Ion battery and is splash-proof, making it the perfect headlamp for any outdoor adventure.

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Photos Courtesy of BioLite