With over ten years experience developing better off-grid energy products, New York City-based BioLite has developed a portable fire pit that burns its fuel so effectively it claims to be smokeless.

Whether burning charcoal or wood, the BioLite FirePit uses 51 air jets fed by a fan in the USB-rechargeable 10,400 mAh battery pack to feed air into the flames for the best possible burn. It is surrounded by a fine mesh to create the ambiance of an open fire while still being contained in the unit. There is also a second grill for cooking that sits over the fire.

A USB output provides charging for your phone or tablet while a solar carry case can recharge the battery when you are not sitting around the campfire. The portable unit is 27″ long, 13″ wide, 10.5″ tall, and it stands on 5.3″ folding legs, weighing in at just under 20 lbs.

Preorder From Kickstarter $200