Bikee E-bike Kit 6
There is a way to take the adventure of electrical-assisted bicycling to the next level. Introducing an effective mid-drive motor to an existing e-bike will set the stage for more pulling power, hills up to 30% conquered painlessly, and shortened trip-times with speeds of up to 30 mph. maintained on the open road. Whether your have electrified wheels or friction drives, a mid mounted motor such as the excellent Bikee E-bike Kit ($1,340+), will leave the unassisted in your dust.

The Bikee Best kit is specialized for each bike. Power bases range from as little as 250-watts for European Union specifications up to the 749-999 watt versions allowed in the United States. The kits contain 48V battery packs registered between 320 Wh up to 550 Wh. With an estimated upgrade time of only 15 minutes, these lightweight (16.5 or 18.7 pounds) motors will quickly have you on your way.

Each fully- reversible kit is composed by two main parts: a drive unit (aka motor ) and the battery, with available options including throttle, pedal assist, and throttle override modes for the best motor responses for your individual bike. As well as more power, the mid-mount motor provides a longer range for more exploring along your journey. Includes all the additional items you’ll need, such as two crankarms, torque arm for fixing the motor to the bike, throttle, battery holder, battery charger, & controller.

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