Camping out in below-zero conditions and sleeping fitfully through the night is hardly possible. Not unless you have something reliable to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable. We’re talking about the innovative Biigloo Sleeping Bag and the AeroQuilt, both designed for extreme adventures on Earth. By extreme, we’re referring to insane temperatures of -40°F/-40°C.  

These are not ordinary outdoor gear as they come integrated with NASA aerospace technology for outstanding insulation. Both have Aerogel, the same lightweight material integrated into spacesuits to protect astronauts from harsh temperature conditions in space. They also boast a tough exterior yet soft interior so you not only stay warm but also comfortable. Below you will find out why they deserve to be on your list of camping repertoire.

Lightweight Protection From Extreme Cold

Biigloo Sleeping Bag


Aerogel being the key material in the Biigloo Sleeping Bag and AeroQuilt means they are lightweight yet offer amazing insulation. A 1mm Aerogel can resist extreme temperatures down to -40°F/-40°C at a product weight of only 50g per square meter, making it thinner and lighter.

Moreover, Aerogel is a non-fiber material, so it is bacteria-free and odor-free. Unlike down, it is also more eco-friendly, durable, and easier to wash. Most importantly, it retains its heat insulation properties even after 100 washes.

Tough Yet Soft Shell



The exterior of the Biigloo Sleeping Bag is integrated with advanced 20D400T ultra-fine nylon, which is only 38g per square meter. It packs remarkable mechanical strength and toughness, making this gear windproof, durable, and resistant to wear, scratches, abrasions, and tears.

Moreover, the high-density nylon lends to a silky soft, and breathable fabric with moisture-absorbing properties. The fabric is then finished off with an anti-spill and anti-static treatment.

Meanwhile, the AeroQuilt boasts a silky soft, skin-friendly non-fluffy shell made up of 100% pilling polyester known for being resistant to wear, tears, and to pilling, and shrinkage.  The fabric is also less likely to generate static electricity and does not lose color over time.

Eco-friendly, Breathable Filters

Biigloo Sleeping Bag


The Biigloo Sleeping Bag and AeroQuilt use naturally derived filters. They are filled with DuPont SORONA bio-fleece, which is an eco-friendly alternative to chemical fiber and cotton material. It is plant-based and produced without added additives, so it is odorless and bacteria-free, making it safe to use for children and adults even infants.  It also absorbs body sweat quickly so you stay dry and comfortable. Plus, the filters are softer, fluffy, and not easy to deform.

Unrivaled Protection In An Ergonomic Design

Biigloo Sleeping Bag

A mummy design ensures the Biigloo Sleeping Bag fits nicely to the curves of your body so you don’t feel constricted. It has a spacious foot box and an L-shaped wrap-around design that opens the bag fully for easy in and out. An extra zipper at the bottom further lets your feet “breathe” when needed. It also has an adjustable full-brim cap with a neck baffle to lessen heat loss and trap the heat within the body of the bag while preventing wind from blowing in. Also, the horizontal diffraction seams keep the padding in place so it doesn’t create cold spots.

Moreover, the internal and external blinkers around the anti-snag two-way locking YKK zippers have a 1mm layer of Aerogel for added protection from the cold. The zippers are also not just water-resistant but waterproof up to 10,000mm and applied with special treatment so they slide smoothly. The FLUO-designed blinkers also ensure visibility in the dark.

Biigloo Sleeping Bag

Unlike traditional sleeping bags, the Biigloo is 99.8% windproof, dustproof, and stainproof. It has a high water resistance of up to 10,000mm so it doesn’t easily get dirty or wet so you can sleep peacefully and comfortably even in the snow. All these amazing features come in an ultra-portable sleeping bag that weighs just 1810g. This bag even comes with a thermometer inside so you can monitor your body heat and a pocket to store your phone. 

So whether you’re planning a trek up the cold mountains or camping out in the snow, then you won’t find any more reliable outdoor gear than the Biigloo Sleeping Bag. Why not get the AeroQuilt as well for double the protection? With the Biigloo Sleeping Bag and the AeroQuilt, you can tackle adventures in high altitudes and extreme conditions.