When it comes to everyday carry (EDC) items, we always need each one to be compact and lightweight—to a point wherein you don’t even know it’s there. High carbon stainless steel might be the ideal choice, but it’s a little heavy. Aluminum might be another contender thanks to its negligible heft, yet it lacks robustness. A perfect compromise surely has to be titanium as it meets both requirements. Big Idea Design knows its way around when it comes to EDC, and its upcoming Ti EDC Wrench is one adjustable tool that will soon find its home into our pockets or keychain.

After its inventive takes on some indispensable tools, we are always looking forward to what the company will tackle next. Luckily for us, they’ve decided to transform something that we usually don’t know we needed until a situation arises wherein it is. The creative team behind this intuitive tool gives due credit to a vintage Swiss adjustable wrench for their inspiration. They’ve shrunk down the original to a more pocket-friendly version forged from grade-5 titanium.

The Ti EDC Wrench is compatible and will work on any standard nut or bolt sizes. We love how Big Idea Designs was able to work its magic all over again and keep us wanting more.

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Photos courtesy of Big Idea Design