You never know when you need to do a bit of fixing here and there. When you fancy tweaking bolts and nuts or into pc building, then you need reliable and handy utility tools like the ever quintessential screwdriver. But when you plan to carry one around you need something lightweight just like the Big Idea Design Bit Bar Inline.

This brainchild of creators Chadwick Parker and Joe Huang is a tiny screwdriver with three configurations and a hex bit storage. It is what they call a “straightforward, no fuss and all function tool that gets the job done.” The bits storage comes in handy for those who already have a collection so there’s no need to use proprietary bits.

What makes the Big Idea Design Bit Bar Inline special is its construction. There are no plastics only metal to guarantee durability. The body itself uses solid Grade 5 titanium alloy to make it lightweight and durable. This material can withstand a range of environmental factors, including seawater and dust. It is also tough on temperatures up to nearly 800°F.

Moreover, this screwdriver uses rare earth magnets to keep the bits and shaft secure so they don’t drop or scatter into places with every use. It also uses a spring-loaded ball bearing for the magnetic storage shaft.

The Big Idea Design Bit Bar Inline gives you a #2 Phillips, a T8 Torx, and a 1/4″ flathead. Forget putting this in a tool bag as it comes with a Grade 4 titanium deep carry pocket clip for quick on-the-go access. It even makes great fidget gear thanks to its pull-and-snap action.

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Images courtesy of Big Idea Design